If Jovian lived in the modern day, his name would be Chad and he would be part of the Church of Bros, except no one would like him.

When I was drawing this page I was wondering about how to best execute a character entrance. In shounen manga (namely One Piece and Naruto) we usually see the character from afar, or talking off panel for a bit, and then you turn the page and there’s a huge portrait of the character doing something that they would be doing (Young Robin is using her devil fruit ability, Hody and co. are lounging around looking evil, the ninja Kages stand around looking cool).

Scott Pilgrim, One Piece, and Johnny Wander  like to show little labels when a character appears for the first time, showing their names and some information about the character. I thought about doing that, but, I dunno, it seemed like cheating or something.

What are some other effective ways of introducing characters? I read very action-y comics so I’d love to know how other comics do this.