Phew, I’m finally done with Anime Central, Fanime, and just finished making all the necessary art orders to restock for Anime Expo! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table (and special thanks to those who bought Herogirl books, you’re my heroes!) Still dealing with a bit of feeling under-the-weather from so much human interaction but I’m pretty much back to normal now! Sorry about missing posting a comic last week and breaking my weekly posting streak! Oh well, that just means I can go for an even longer streak this time, right…?

Here’s a little comic about me trying to get to the convention center when I flew to sell at the artist alley at Anime Central… fortunately I got to my destination safely to live another day.

A thought on Chapter 6 of Herogirl: Because of Anime Expo and a bunch of travel for family reasons, I’m aiming for finishing up the outline and thumbnails by the end of July/early August, and starting on publishing full comic pages soon after that! I know it’s a bit of a wait and I hope my silly short comics are reasonable filler in the meantime. Stay tuned!