I dunno, this is what worked for me!

↓ Transcript
PANEL 1: Develop your hobbies
(Joy is sitting and reading a book. She is surrounded by paint and paintbrush, a game controller, cross-stitch hoop, yarn and knitting needles, guitar.)

PANEL 2: Keep up on trends
(Joy is sitting in front of a laptop and phone, both with a social media feed on the screen.)
Joy: hmmm i see

PANEL 3: Go to therapy
(Joy is sitting on a chair, hands clasped, with a look of consternation.)
Joy: I think I'm learning to love myself.
(Therapist gives a thumbs up in the background.)

PANEL 4: Make lots of friends.
Joy: I'm not scared of you and can connect with you emotionally!
Person: G...great! I'm glad?