Funnily, the guard was even more exasperated in real life, so much so that I couldn’t quite capture it in this comic.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Joy: (internal thoughts) We're at the National Museum of Korea! It's totally free but you have to go through a security check to get in.

Panel 2:
Guard: (speaking in Korean) No phone is your pockets, right?
Joy: (speaking in Korean) Right! (internal thoughts) oh my god I understood him and replied!

Joy has walked through the security gate and it is beeping. The guard and Joy stare at each other silently.

Panel 4:
Joy: (internal thoughts) I was so excited I understood what was happening that I forgot to actually take my phone out.

Panel 4: Joy holds her phone out with a distraught look on her face. The guard looks exasperated.
Guard: Even though I asked you...
Joy: I'm sorry...