I’ve recently been going to to the Seattle Indie Comic and Game Artist‘s meetups to try and meet some other comic people, and wow, what a good idea that was. If you’re a cartoonist/comicker, it’s really great to meet like-minded people, get advice, network a bit, and have the opportunity to exercise your cartooning skills and even accidentally make some really awesome collaborative work. I’m really bummed I’m leaving Seattle in a few weeks to go back to school — I’ll have to find (or start?) a similar group near campus!

I’ve also been reading How to Draw Webcomics. It’s a pretty thin book, very practical, covering everything from making your website to the business of selling merchandise. I haven’t finished it yet, but the practical-ness of it makes me really think webcomicking is possible… until I read the following line:

“Once your readership is up in the tens of thousands and you’re ready to take the financial plunge of selling your own merchendise…”

WAT. I think I’d die of happiness right there. My readership will probably kill me before I get to create a store.