I’ve written out the script for the remainder of Chapter 1, so updates should go (more) smoothly until the end of the chapter! I am actually really enjoying Lothar’s character. He sort of happened in a way I didn’t expect.

This week was my last with the SICAGA (the group, incidentally, is 1 year old tomorrow!). They were a fun group a people to meet and I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with them. If you’re in Seattle and into comicking, I’d highly recommend checking them out! They’re going to be tabling at the Jet City Comic Show which is coming up on September 22, which you should be going to anyway, so stop by and say hi!

I also went to PAX last, last weekend (last weekend I was busy skydiving. Look what an exciting person I am). It was my first time going and I was only there for one day, so I was hard pressed trying to attend everything I wanted to. I ended up spending hours on the show floor rather than in panels like I had originally planned. Some things I saw:

  • Storyteller, a puzzle game based on character’s interactions with each other (made by the same guy who made I Wish I Were the Moon, if you’ve ever come across the list of 10 games that make you think about life
  • PID, a platformer with a gravity beam mechanic. It kind of reminded me of Portal. I like the art!
  • Played a turn of D&D Command, which was fun. It was like a combination of MTG and regular ol’ D&D
  • The Live D&D Game was fantastic

Anyone else go to PAX? What other awesome things were there that I didn’t get to see?