Sorry for the constantly late/missing Herogirl comics, guys! Added a comic explaining my excuse about why I’m been so busy… school is really sucking up all my time! Also, about halfway through I drank a lot of coffee and that’s why all the lines are weird… sorry, haha.

I figured I should at least make a filler comic because I missed updating last time, so here we are! The Graphic Novel Society at UW was a club that I helped start a few years ago, and then I served as its president when the first president graduated… I still keep in contact with the current members and they’re doing great. It was awesome to be able to meet with a like-minded group of people every week and teach each other about what we know. I’m still looking for a group like that at Stanford… maybe I’ll start a branch of GNS here?

Earlier this week I happened to attend a short workshop with Bill Verplank. I sort of got distracted during it because of one of the techniques he showed us regarding how to draw people… and I ended up with these.