It’s a glorious (not really) return to hand-drawn comics! I definitely love these better. Never leaving again. Argh, but now this means I have to draw my own straight lines and look how bad I’ve gotten at doing that!

I went back home to Portland from Seattle by hitching a ride with Michael and his parents, as did Allan (that’s the three of us in the first panel up there). I totally did not just hitch the ride just to see the puppy. No way.

I WISH I could do the litter of golden retriever puppies justice in my comic up there, but I couldn’t. But literally, my heart melted when I peered over the wooden door to see a number of tiny balls of fur staring curiously up at me and my heart, though it fangirls way more than it should, does not turn to liquid very often.

As for the second comic, well, thank goodness for Michael’s mom. Let me just take a moment to thank all moms out there for doing things (like cleaning up puppy poo and holding on to it until the next rest stop, or cleaning the bathroom) that us kids are too pansy to do.