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Jan 20Her Name is Auto
Jan 24The Undergrad Mindset
Jan 28Humans vs Zombies vs the girl who couldn’t have fun
Feb 11Childhood friends are pretty cool sometimes
Feb 21My Dad
Mar 9And then its too late
Mar 31The Flow and Knytt Stories
Apr 8Spoilers
Apr 11Volume Problems
Apr 14What difference a day makes
Apr 20It’s like my very own TV show
Apr 21Awkward
May 5I never know what to say
May 8Confusing Ducks
May 10Do I look fat
May 13How to Waste Your Time
May 20Facebook
Jun 24My Summer Break
Jun 25My Dad is Weird
Jun 29Guest comic: The Kim Sisters
Jul 1FIFA World Cup
Jul 3Storyline: Pilot – 1
Jul 5Storyline: Pilot – 2
Jul 8Storyline: Pilot – 3
Jul 10Storyline:Pilot – 4
Jul 12Storyline: Pilot – 5
Jul 13Storyline: Pilot – 6
Aug 8Guest comic: The Kim Sisters & Birthdays
Aug 12Storyline: Pilot – 7
Aug 16Hunger Games comics
Aug 18Storyline: Pilot – 8
Sep 14Storyline: Pilot – 9
Sep 19Korea Comics: Oh, International Flights
Sep 20Korea Comics: Do I look responsible?
Sep 23Korea Comics: Seoul
Sep 24Korea Comics: Daejon
Sep 30Korea Comics: Taxi Adventures
Oct 13Korea Comics: Cat
Oct 14The Daily: Senior Year
Oct 29The HUB
Oct 30Weekend Habits
Oct 31Humans vs Zombies
Nov 5Career Fair
Nov 6Technical Interviews 1
Nov 11Technical Interview 2
Dec 3I miss the HUB