When I saw the list of things we were to contrast and compare for class — Youtube, Facebook, eBay, and video games — I immediately thought, “Wow, those are all things that cause me to be unproductive.”

Okay, onto some paragraphs that might actually contribute towards a good grade.

Youtube is a place for users to share and consume content through video. Facebook and eBay are similar to Youtube in the sense that they all facilitate self-publishing; they differ in this respect only by what they are best suited to share — for Facebook, it’s social goings-on, for eBay, buy/sell advertisements, and for Youtube, video.

Facebook is a social networking site that is supposed to allow you to stay in touch with friends and family members, and to let you also display news about yourself to your friends. It has also become a major platform for advertisers and game developers.

Most Facebook games (at least, that’s what it seems like to me) let you know how well friends that also play the game are doing. The only Facebook game I actually ever played was D&D Tiny Adventures. It was pretty dumb — you made a character and could buy equipment for him or her, but to adventure, you clicked a dungeon, closed the window, and checked back every 10 minutes to read what had happened to you. No interactivity required. But some of my friends got into it, and, by golly, once I realized that Sally was a higher level than me, and I just had to beat her! Fortunately I got my sanity back, reminded myself of what was really important in life, and never played D&D Tiny Adventures again.

In this way Facebook has sort of turned into a “backwards” MMORPG. I say “backwards” because the social aspect, rather than the game aspect, is primary. The “game” is being interested in how your friends are progressing, and seeing if you can “beat” them.

eBay is a weird place and the last time I tried to buy something off of there I got two counterfeit copies of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. It just goes to show how easily you can fake something on the internet. A fraudulent advertisement is not unlike a fake persona you create on Facebook or even on Youtube — anyone remember Lonelygirl15?

The video game in my comic is Ace Attorney Investigations, an awesome Nintendo DS game (by the way, Edgeworth is the studly-looking guy in the cravat and pink suit in the previous hyperlink). It’s a spin-off of the Ace Attorney/Gyakuten Saiban series, a collection of adventure/visual novel games that first came out for the Gameboy Advance. You’re  a lawyer, and you get to shout “Objection!” in court. I actually can’t think of a way to tie this in to Facebook, Youtube, or eBay… except for the fact that you’ll find fan-made media for this series on all of those sites. I’m actually just writing about it because the Ace Attorney series contains some of my favorite games. It’s certainly a good way to waste time. 😀