Last blog post of the quarter. Thanks to the fellow students that read my comics and blog posts! I hope you guys continue to come back to Herogirl 🙂

Overall, I think I’m pretty satisfied with the features Facebook does have. Without maybe some serious research, I’d be hard pressed to find any features to add. However — and I’m sure I speak for most people — there are things I think Facebook could do without. The following list is mostly made up of demands for Facebook to do things differently, rather than additional features.

  1. The ability to remove yourself from being found. So maybe you have a Facebook to stay in touch with a few close friends or family, and you’re pretty satisfied with your social circle online. You don’t feel to need to add new people as friends. But what happens if some lady you randomly met at a luncheon yesterday wants to friend you on Facebook? I’m sure you’d rather not let her see your embarrassing photos or silly wall posts, but it’s awkward knowing that that person is wondering why you haven’t accepted their friend request yet. Though there is a setting to remove you from the Facebook search engine, I don’t think there’s a way to hide things like the wall posts you’ve made on other people’s pages.
  2. Prevent Facebook games from posting to your feed or wall, or sending you requests. Please. Please make this a setting. Maybe you play Facebook games and you like knowing how your friends are doing on Farmville. But if you’re like me, you don’t care — at all.
  3. Photo tags have to be approved. Why should anyone be able to post stuff about you without permission? I guess it’s one thing if someone writes a post about you, but preventing unwanted photo tags seems like it should be pretty easy to implement.
  4. Filter chain mail messages. Okay, so maybe auto-banning-for-life someone who posts chain mail messages is harsh, but at least, maybe there could be a filter for such silly nonsense. It’s sorta like if the universe had prevented the Ring tape from being made in the first place. There’d be no need to pass it on, and the world would be so much happier.
  5. File sharing. I guess this is something Facebook could add. Even if it’s in the spirit of email + attachment. I think this is the one thing that’s preventing people from using Facebook as a collaboration tool!
  6. Calendar/Scheduler. Okay, I lied. This is a second thing preventing people from using Facebook as a collaboration tool.
  7. Prevent stupid statuses from showing up on your news feed. But then we wouldn’t have Failbook!